The project has three main aims:

Information dissemination

The research component will be facilitated by the University of Nova Gorica, The University of Udine and the Research Centre for Soil-plant Systems. The two universities provide substantial research support and laboratory access in the fields of organic chemistry, agricultural chemistry and soil science while the Research Centre for Soil-plant Systems are providing innovative teaching materials with an emphasis on soil drainage, soil water movement and soil photocatslysis for soil particles and pathogens.

The educational component consists of 12 lectures: three at high school level in both Slovenia and Italy (six in total) and three primary school lectures both in Slovenia and Italy (six in total). The lectures are presented in English with support from native Slovenian and Italian lecturers. Following the Introductory lectures student groups will participate in a day long field excursion. Concurrently, two high schools have been supplied with microcosm experimental equipment with which student groups are conducting independent experiments with regular seminar presentations on their results. Teacher seminars modelled on life learning attributes and community outreach Summer Schools are also critical components of the project.

In order to disseminate information from the AGRI-KNOWS Project a Web page has been constructed with a regular update of information. Each of the 12 participating schools will hold an Open Day, Technical Days for information transfer and exchange will be arranged and media releases will be prepared in order to advertise events prior to their occurrence.